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Arief Muhammad

Tiancheng San "An Analysis of Visual Interest Detection in 2D Game Concept Art"

Manami SHimada

Akifumi Tanimura "Development of a character design support system based on character’s dialogue analysis"

Hongyu Zhu "Poses Design Simulation: Considering the Characters’ Personalities"


Yu ZongQi "Development of Site Damage System for Injury in Fighting Game"

王 陳溢

Maria Kuroda

陳 俊業

Takuto Machida

Chihiro Yamada

Asahi Yamanoshita

Mayuri Iwata "Improvement of idol dance with the characteristics of animated drawings"

Hiroya Kasamatsu "Analysis of social game player's SNS history leading up to the start of a new game"

Miki Tachibana

Takuto Watanabe "Research on operation and perception presentation in virtual reality(VR) Road bicycle games"

Satoshi Koibuchi

戴 陽

Suguru Hasegawa "Proposal for device using temperature stimulation to enhance AR table game"

Hikaru Murakami

周 期律


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