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Industry Activity

  As a university faculty member, we participate in various activities as part of social contribution and industrial contribution by providing expertise. Although there are cases that can not be made public due to various circumstances, we will introduce some things that can be made public.

Anime Tamago

  Human resource development project for young animators implemented by AJA, a general enterprise incorporated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. As a member of the academy since 2015, I am mainly engaged in verification and modeling of educational effect by the project in animation production mainly using 3DCG.






Research project on digital technology in animation production

Research conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and conducted by AJA as a survey and research project related to digital production of animation

  Research Report(Japanese)


As a steering committee member of the CESA-sponsored technology conference "CEDEC", he is responsible for bridging the academic world and industry as a chief (now a committee member) of academic and basic technology WG.


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