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Research Summary

This laboratory aims to conduct research to open up the future of entertainment content creation. For content production, it is important to realize the still images, moving images, sounds, music, etc. using the tool and programming technology exactly as they are expressed.
This laboratory aims to understand the problems and problems at the site of professionals through collaboration with the industry and aim to improve them and extend them using new technologies and expression methods . To that end, we aim to widely output research results that contribute to the development of the future content industry to society, based on analysis of content creation methods on the actual site and investigation of technologies applicable to content creation To do.
Rather than simply learning how to make content, we will devise new production techniques and methods, and research to realize content expression methods that have never been before.

Research theme example

· Improve player experience in games using AI and procedural techniques
· Expansion of entertainment contents using VR
· Application of cell animation expression in 3DCG
· Application of cell animation expression to real time contents
· Research on content design methods such as game design based on user analysis
· Ruleizing Production Method based on Image Analysis and Developing Support System for Production
· Proposal of image analysis and production support method based on measurement of brain activity, gaze, etc.
· New expression method in video content creation, Proposal means and system development
· Study on management method of video content production

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