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Koji Mikami. Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Koji Mikami is a professor of the School of Media Science atTokyo University of Technology(TUT).
He Graduated from Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio University in 1995. He worked for several games and media business projects at Nissho Iwai Corporation and MK company.
In 1998, he joined in establishing “Creative Lab” at the Katayanagi Advanced Research Lab in TUT. He produced a lot joint project with Japanese Anime and Game company. One of the animation projects with
Tatsunoko Production named "Skykids Booby", won the prize at Tokyo Anime Award. He is also one of the pioneer of a game education in University and received the IPSJ Excellent Educator Award in 2012.
Koji achieved a Master and Ph.D. of Media and governance from Keio University, Japan.


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